A Tasteful Press Trip, supported by ATP

From 24-26 February, ATP (Associação de Turismo do Porto) is promoting a visit to Porto by the Brazilian journalist, Roberto Palma de Lima Dias, who specializes in gastronomy and writes for the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper.

This Press Trip, focused on Food and Wine experiences, came about after a Michelin Event that took place in Lisbon, last November, and the purpose of the whole visit is to explore and share Porto and Northern Portugal’s gastronomy, especially in Michelin-starred restaurants.

In his first day, Roberto Dias attended the event Essência do Vinho, in Porto, and went to Bragança later on, to enjoy a tasting experience, filled with wine, olive oils, cheeses and typical gastronomic products of the region.

Today, the journalist will be visiting Mirandela and its touristic areas, also having another tasting experience, at Museu da Oliveira e do Azeite. Lastly, he will be visiting a Taylor’s Port Wine Cellar and will be having dinner at The Yeatman.

In his last day, he will walk around the city of Porto and have lunch at Marisqueira Antiga Matosinhos, before departing.