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11 Douro Viewpoints

Ana Campos © CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Arriving to Porto, get ready to be surprised!

Surprise yourself with the natural beauty that surrounds you, with the built heritage that the Port reveals in every city corner, with the dishes and drinks served.

Especially, dare and be surprised by the different scenarios composed by the Douro River and enjoy all its splendor in one of the several viewpoints at your disposal. As in real cabins enjoy the privileged view to this wonder of nature, but without haste nor schedule.

Begin this discovery by the Douro river from Porto, where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. But first we suggest you prepare your trip: How do you want to move? What do you want to know? Where do you want to sleep? There’s so much to choose from: from a boat trip, to a steam train trip or simply by car, there are several options and all invite you to know this natural and cultural wonder whose terraced vineyards have been classified as World Heritage by UNESCO (2001). There are numerous viewing points and here we suggest you eleven, eleven cabins so you do not miss a single moment of the show prepared by the Douro River and the lands that generate the internationally recognized nectar - Port Wine

Viewpoint of de São Silvestre (Mesão Frio)

Departing from Porto, we invite you to start in Mesão Frio, traveling about 82 km. At 530 meters above the sea level, in the Viewpoint of São Silvestre you can see the "L" drawn by the Douro River and a landscape marked by the green and the villages set in steep hills almost inaccessible.

Viewpoints of Santo António and São Leonardo da Galafura (Peso da Régua)

At a distance of just over 10 km from Mesão Frio, in Peso da Régua, stop for a few moments in the Viewpoint of Santo António where the Douro appears winding the city of Peso da Régua. The three bridges of Régua and the vineyards that spread across the slopes along the river also impose their presence in this panoramic view. In the Viewpoint of São Leonardo, contemplate a more primitive landscape dominated by the different geological formations of this region.

Viewpoints of Casal de Loivos and Nossa Senhora da Piedade (Alijó)

Further north, in Alijó, the Viewpoint of Casal de Loivos view was considered by BBC as one of the most beautiful in the world. Admire the privileged view over the Douro River, making its way through the hills adorned with vineyards and grazing the Vila do Pinhão. And for a wider landscape, climb to 750 meters high in the Viewpoint of Nossa Senhora da Piedade and let yourself be enchanted by the unique landscape marked by terraced vineyards.

Viewpoint of Rota do Douro - Bela Vista (Carrazeda de Ansiães)

About 30 km from Alijó, the Viewpoint of the Rota do Douro, where in the middle of a slope you can enjoy besides the Douro River, the vineyards and riverside villages.

Viewpoints of São Salvador do Mundo and Nossa Senhora das Neves (São João da Pesqueira)

Already on the way back to Porto, in the Viewpoint of São Salvador do Mundo get ready for one of the most fantastic views on the Douro River. At your feet you will see an imposing and dominant Douro landscape, terraced vineyards and, on one of the slopes, the Douro Railway line. On the other hand, in the Viewpoint of Nossa Senhora das Neves, the dominant Douro retreats to give the main role to the vineyards and villages that draw near in its waters.

Viewpoint of São Domingos (Armamar)

At 750 meters above the sea level breathe deeply and feel the magnificence of a vineyard landscape composed with human presence reflected in small villages alongside with the presence of the Douro and the Serras das Meadas, Marão and Alvão.

Viewpoint of Boa Vista (Lamego)

In Lamego, get ready for a great and beautiful view of the Douro landscape, marked by diversity. From the top of its 860 meters high you can appreciate beyond the river, riverside villages, terraced vineyards and a diversity of fauna and flora that make up a scenario that will make you dream.

Viewpoint of Cristo Rei (Tarouca)

The Viewpoint of Cristo Rei, the highest of this selection of eleven, will show you a different landscape from the rest where the main role is taken by the villages, the pine forest and farming land.

Fauna, flora, legends, dreams and faces, magnificent farms, churches, mountains, well seasoned dishes, unique landscapes recognized internationally mark these territories of oneness.

Get to know them with our help. In Porto and North there is a team available to welcome you and prepare your visits with complete programs, thought to the detail, so you can contact us whenever you are planning your trip. We look forward to meeting you!

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