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Advantages of staying in a hostel in Porto

Município do Porto CC BY-NC-SA

Those who travel to various destinations, always "with the house on their backs", as we say in Portuguese, usually have a budget reached with effort and have no room for large overruns. Porto is a backpacker-friendly city.

In recent years, the city experienced a significant increase in the number of hostels: there was only one accommodation of this type and, currently, there are about 26 scattered a bit all over the city.

International distinctions in existing hostels in Porto, and also all over the Portugal, are frequent. In 2015, one of the hostels of the Invicta city was voted as the safest, according to Hostelworld in their Hostel Awards.

Whether you are traveling in groups, alone or as a couple, whether you stay in a dormitory or prefer a private room, if staying in a Porto hostel, you will find several advantages:


In Porto you'll find hostels the pricing of which starts at around 15€, being quite affordable for those on a shorter budget. However, despite being a good proposal financially and having an informal spirit, matching the profile of many of the visitors coming to the city, they have a carefully done decoration and design and they organize trips, parties and theme nights and other activities.

Informal and welcoming spirit

As, usually, the capacity of a hostel is lower than that of a hotel, here you will find a more personalized treatment that will make you feel at home.

Meet new people

Because of the informal spirit that lives in Porto hostels, it becomes easy to meet new people. As a rule, it is mostly young people who are in this kind of accommodation, it being possible to make new friends from different nationalities and perhaps explore the Invicta city together.

Participate in events and initiatives

Many hostels have events in their premises, making it easy for guests to participate in these initiatives. Ask at the reception of your hostel or see the website the calendar for the days of your stay.

An offer that meets your interests

Whatever your profile may be, in Porto you will find the right hostel. If you are a lover of history, you'll find different spaces in the historic center, such as Casa das Taipas; if you have more of a city spirit, in the town center there are several options that will make you feel the excitement that is lived daily in Porto, such as in Porto Downtown Hostel, Oporto Invictus Hostel, and the Andarilho Hostel, among others. By the sea and for the surf lovers, we have Surfivor - Porto Surf Hostel. Finally, since there are always options, we suggest that you check out Porto's Tourism Portal.

In addition to the various accommodation options, in Porto you will also find tourist attractions which you can visit for free with benefits or discounts if you purchase the Porto Card. Contact us and we will help you find the right option for you!


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