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BE INSPIRED, the app that brings you close to Porto and Northern Portugal


Travelling? Travelling is great. An endless stream of good things that you take and bring with you to every destination. Pack your suitcase, unpack when you return, and sort through the memories that will stay with you from each site your have visited. And if you like unusual experiences, it's certain that your luggage is always packed. But what about the part that few people enjoy? Booking somewhere to stay, choosing the restaurants where you will try the region's typical foods, having access to inside information about what you will need during your trip and stay. It isn't always easy.

It was by thinking about the ever more personalised tourism services being offered to suit tourists, that we created the application Be Inspired. A tool to help with the least pleasurable part of your trip, all the research, and help with the scheduling. In fact, it's a guide that gives you a hand discovering Porto and the Northern Portugal region.

The application is designed to help tourists find personalised solutions for their stay in Porto and Northern Portugal. It is an additional tool integrated with the visitportoandnorth.travel/Be-inspired portal, that helps create unique and personalised programmes for potential foreign tourists, according to their personal preferences. Very pleasant, don't you think?

Be Inspired works through stages, and at each stage the visitor selects their preferences (for example, if you are going to visit alone or with others, in which season, or if you prefer a rural or city break), and the application offers a range of solutions for your visit to the region. So that your experience becomes even more personalised, the application allows interaction with your Facebook profile, making available some of its data, such as location, marital status and age, to provide unique experiences and moments to those who visit Porto and Northern Portugal.

With this application that appeals to the visitor's five senses, the Porto Tourism Association, the body responsible for the promotion of Porto and Northern Portugal abroad, has taken another step toward building a closer relationship with the tourist.

Come and try out our application, we are sure that you will find the best suggestions to suit you. Start your search now; the only thing we can't do for you is pack your suitcase!

Take note, try out and share: http://visitportoandnorth.travel/Be-inspired


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