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Fashion combines with Cities

Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR CC BY-NC-ND

Fashion combines with Cities. And the North of Portugal has in Porto a long History and industrial experience, particularly in the textile area, that’s why Fashion combines so well with Porto.

New designers and most experienced ones find here the niche and inspiration they need to produce their creations, as well as tailors, seamstresses and the machines that embody the designed clothes. Creative, dynamic and entrepreneurial, this city welcomes visitors from over the world for several reasons beyond the recognized wines and Douro unparalleled landscapes - World Heritage.

Come see and even wear the best that it sews here. In Porto Style!


The meeting point between Talents

Porto is the home and studio, inspiration and refuge of many fashion designers. And who comes to visit the city can easily benefit from all this, in the garment format, items for home decorating, workshops, fashion shows and city tours to get to know the new trends.

The names and emerging works of national fashion are many and in Porto stands out the ateliers of the talented Luis Buchinho, Nuno Baltazar, Nuno Gama, Gio Rodrigues and Xana Xiomara. These creators flag the difference by the irreverence and quality of its garments, surprise by his dynamism and charisma, giving life to the silhouettes dressed. Also brands like Ayres and La Paz brands are present in the center of Invicta, each one with its style.


From passerelle to the shop windows

Hardly you can resist adopting a new lifestyle after a walk along the shop windows of Porto. Inspired by the lifestyle, architecture and city culture where is created, the garments exposed on the store dummies also reflect the creativity of its creators. If you do not have the opportunity to see the parade on the catwalk, stroll through the historic center streets and avenues and let yourself be tempted by the quality and bold design of each piece.

Find, in several shops in town, clothing, footwear and accessories from reputable brands such as Prada, DKNY, Kenzo and many more. National textiles, franchising, international productions, leather and gold pieces are available for purchase at attractive prices.

The supply range is extensive, with the best labels being present in Porto and Gaia, whether in the Avis zone, Avenida da Boavista, Avenida da República and El Corte Inglés of Vila Nova de Gaia. These last two located on the south bank of the river, curiously just 5 minutes away from Avenida dos Aliados if you ride the subway.


Panoramic and creative city

Already on your best outfit, enjoy the fact of being in Vila Nova de Gaia to climb to the Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar, enjoy and take some pictures framed by one of the best views over Douro and the historical area of Porto and Gaia.

You can sight the Ribeira or Alfândega, where already taken place some of the city's fashion shows that, increasingly, mark presence internationally? This year, the Portugal Fashion – Porto, attended by about 40 designers, passed trough Terminal de Cruzeiros do Porto de Leixões - that is worth knowing, also for its architecture.

When in Porto, be sure to stop in Bolhão zone, is where we find the most lively shopping street of the city, Rua de Santa Catarina and will be hard to resist so many beautiful attractions. Eureka, which sells beautiful Portuguese brand shoes, is one of them.

New ideas do not run out season after season, the production work that involves so many people and the magnificent parades are a stimulus for the senses of all of us and especially for Fashion lovers.

We will be very pleased to share these creations with you, through customized products and programs that lead you to know the backstage of the city that inspires the most talented fashion designers. Contact us and we can go as far as you want.

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