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Minho: do you prefer the beach or the mountains?


Minho has beaches. Minho has mountains. If you want to spend a few days full of adventure in the region, the difficult part is going to be choosing between having fun in the mountains or spending some time practising watersports. But what about enjoying the mountains and the sea?

The Minho region is home to landscapes which are ideal for practising extreme sports, and you will take with you memories of picture postcard images due to the beauty of this region.

In Viana do Castelo you will find beaches where you can practice kitesurfing of windsurfing. Due to the wind speed in the region, local beaches are ideal for practising these sports all year round.

If you like playing golf, Ponte de Lima is a good place for practising the sport, as several golf courses can be found nearby. But if as part of your trip to Minho you want to visit the mountains, you can go hiking in the Serra de Arga mountain range or climb the hills of the Serra da Cabreria.

Passionate about the sea? Then you can't miss Afife. Its beaches offer ideal conditions for surfing and bodyboarding.

Kitesurfing also has an increasing presence on these beaches, so it won't be difficult to find people practising this sport. You don't have the equipment? You have never tried the sport before but you wanted to give it a try? Don't worry, it won't be difficult to find schools where you can learn or rent equipment.

Are you curious now? Ofit, Esposende, Cabedelo, Viana do Castelo, Moledo do Minho are some of the places which also enjoy ideal conditions for kitesurfing.

But the sea isn't the only place where you can do watersports in the Minho region. With several rivers, such as the Minho, Lima, Cavado, Ave and Coura, it would be a shame not to enjoy the leisure opportunities offered by these waters. Fishing or travelling down river by canoe are just a couple of ideas. For the more adventurous, rafting is an excellent option.

Naturally, cultural activities will be part of your visit to the Minho region too.

Traditional dress and weaving techniques are just a small sample of the tradition which Minho has to offer.

And gastronomy? Caldo verde is a soup made from slices of cabbage, potato, garlic, onion and olive oil; lamprey, shad, cod, Minho-style trout with ham, sarrabulho stew, cabrito frito (deep fried goat meat), without forgetting the vinho verde of the region.

Whatever you choose, Minho is a region which brings together tradition, history and heritage. Whether it be in the mountains, the river, or closer to the sea, we are sure that your stay in Minho will be unforgettable, and don't feel bad if you end up wanting to come back.



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