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Porto: City of Camellias

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The gardens, streets, urban parks and other spaces of Porto have this aspect in common: they are embellished with a plant originally from Asia, already resident in the North of Portugal since the 19th century and widely used as a decorative element. Do you know it? We give you a clue: March, still in the course of winter, is the month of its blossoming. Curious? It begins by being closed and starts bursting into flower, being appreciated by all with admiration. And sometimes it casts a delicate scent. We are talking about camellias, whose scientific name is Camellia L., of the beautiful Theaceae family.

White, pink, red and rarely yellow flower

Which one the most beautiful? In varied annual events, with its own calendar, there are many visitors waiting for the blossoming of these flowers, to appreciate its diverse species. They are more than eighty and can be seen all over the city of Porto, in balconies, backyards, public green spaces, churches and, even, in cemeteries. Some fit in the purse, others fill the palm of your hand. Marketed and admired all over the world, especially in Korea, Japan, China and Italy, was Porto the first European city to be called the "city of camellias".

A Day in the City of Camellias

Under the pretext of this mystical flower immortalized by Alexandre Dumas in the timeless novel "The Lady of the Camellias", we invite you to know an itinerary trough the Invicta city full of color and love! Start your day in the Crystal Palace gardens, an area of unparalleled beauty that offers you panoramic views of the Douro River. Proceed your visit to the Romantic Museum. Situated in Quinta da Macieirinha, let yourself be enveloped by this remarkably romantic space, with many centuries-old and exotic species to discover. And there's still so much to see!

Admire the outer beauty, art and culture of the Serralves Foundation, the 83 hectares of the City Park and the inside garden of the Soares dos Reis National Museum.

This course also takes you through the historical Virtudes Garden, the romantic São Lazáro Garden, the gardens and viewpoint of the São Roque Park or the magical Botanical Garden, among other beautiful places, where you can admire this beautiful flower.

If you visit us in the early days of March, participate in the activities of the "Camellias Week", which already has more than twenty editions. The activities include expert presentations, guided tours, art installations, workshops, exhibitions, tea seminars, concerts, and dance and theater shows. And do not forget the camera at home!

Enjoy nature on our side, taking the opportunity to request a personalized visit filled with beauty. Contact us as we are here to show you the best of Porto and North of Portugal.

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