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Porto, a Hot New Shopping Capital

Gael Varoquaux CC BY 2.0

Bring curiosity and desire to go shopping in a splendid city like Porto and take back home the best of the North in your bag!

The Invicta city, as it is known, besides being rocked by the Douro River through the Demarcated Region of the internationally recognized Port Wine, has a historic center deemed World Heritage, with multiple cultural and artistic references open to visit. It’s a city that gave and received training from two Pritzker Prize Architects winners, with restaurants to taste flavours of most exquisite available it has already become an inspiration to designers and fashion designers that produce and parade their works here.

From clothing to footwear, including handicraft, decorative items jewellery,  Porto is increasingly becoming a cosmopolitan city where young artists find space to innovate and show the world their creations.

Designed T-shirts, high quality flavoured soaps, distinct bottles of Porto or Douro Wine as well as custom jewellery are some of the possible luxury souvenirs, trademarked, which you can take home.


The fashion streets

Some of Porto references are its pedestrian streets where ideas for gifts flourish, for yourself or to offer to someone beloved. Lose yourself between Santa Catarina Street, Flores Street, Cedofeita Street and Clérigos Sidewalk.

Here store managers seek to innovate, show unique pieces, work hard to maintain the quality of domestic production. The customization of products sold attracts more and more people and range from jewellery to chocolatier, passing through the articles in cork. Fall in love also with the canned food, a very strong industry in the country.

Our sole suggestion: bring a trolley to carry everything more easily, because there is so much to see that makes you want to bring the luggage trunk to the street. May your wishes come true!

You may include on your shopping list the boldest garments, accessories, toiletries and decorative items for the house (artist Bordallo Pinheiro, as well as ceramics, lamps and other larger items), illustrated books on topics that characterize the country, as is the case of Fado, kitchen accessories such as cheeses boards, always with a fascinating design.

The clothing is marked, among other stores, by Ayres, by indie style La Paz and the award-winning designer Luis Buchinho. Accessories such as necklaces and jewellery, scarves, bags, backpacks and sunglasses are also part of the local offer.

The Bom Sucesso market (indoor), the Lello bookshop, the Majestic café are mandatory stops. On the other hand the craft shop "A Vida Portuguesa" (next to the Torre dos Clérigos) shows how in the past we used to play with wooden games and toys, use toiletries naturally good smelling, among other souvenirs and trading venues. Amaze yourself with items never seen before.


Alternative creativity near the downtown

If you are looking for an alternative style, there are numerous street markets and in particular the Miguel Bombarda street  that can be considered the center of the "District of the Arts." It has a tea route, countless art galleries from creators that complement each other. Lose yourself among allusions to nature, architecture, music, design pieces, wines, organic products and irreverent hostels. Centro Comercial Bombarda (mall) also has a wide range of decoration, clothing, bags, posters stores among others.

One, two, three days of shopping through the most delicious shops seem to us an enviable program. Follow your appetite and find, always close by, a nice place to dine. No parking worries or other services needs, you can walk. You always have access to what you need, with a dash of creativity and good taste.

Life must be lived with a proper style and this modern city gives the example. Know it through a program created to your image; we just need you to tell us your "bounds". We expect a close contact.


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