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Porto's Sweetest Shops

Bombonaria Bonitos CC BY-NC-ND

The flavours of Porto and Northern Portugal can also be very sweet! The city of Porto, for example, is packed full of places where you can buy delicious reminders of your visit to the Invicta city.

If you visit us during this Christmas period, then who knows, you might just find some ideas here for Christmas presents that you still haven't bought! Stroll through the city and discover Porto main tourist attractions. On the way, go and check out the shops that we suggest en route.

Don't worry about the calories; your walk through the city will balance the books, and should need you some extra exercise, you can always take a run along the seafront.

In the centre of Porto, there are various traditional chocolate and biscuit shops that you will find. Such as the Chocolataria EquadorCasa Januário and Casa Chinesa. Parallel to Rua de Santa Catarina is Comer e Chorar por mais (Eat and Cry for More) where, as well as sweets, you will find ham, bread and tapas.

Next to Bolhão market, there are several shops including Favorita do Bolhão, Confeitaria do Bolhão and Pérola do Bolhão. Go down to Rua das Flores, where you will find Chocolataria das Flores and Mercearia das Flores, that has a friendly and cosy environment and sells traditional Portuguese and organic products.

On your way down Avenida da Boavista, don't miss out on visiting Confeitaria Petúlia and discover Arouca no Porto at the Bom Sucesso market. Still on the city's busiest avenue, there's one more place to visit, Confeitaria Arcádia.

The Bombonaria Bonitos, next door to the Bessa Stadium, sells home-made chocolates that will make you eat and cry for more. Finally, and with a view of the Atlantic Ocean, there is Confeitaria Tavi, a place founded in 1935 that harmoniously combines tradition and modernity. Here, the sorbets and ice creams, chocolates and crêpes are home made.

Find out more about these places where you can try out the best flavours from Porto and Northern Portugal. If you need some help to plan your visit to Porto, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to help you!


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