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Spas: healing waters in northern Portugal

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Therapeutic waters and their healing properties have been used since Roman times. Water healing is no novelty and the truth is that spa treatments are becoming ever more popular. The northern region of Portugal is no exception to this trend and now there are numerous spas that you can visit.

Take advantage of your stay in northern Portugal to treat body and soul while you enjoy moments of relaxation and well-being. Experience the therapeutic characteristics of the waters of northern Portugal and feel reinvigorated by the treatments on offer at its spas.

We have some great news for you: there are 18 spas with therapeutic waters waiting for you in northern Portugal. The hardest thing now is choosing which one to visit! In addition to the therapeutic quality of the waters, these spas are situated in some of the most serene locations, adding even more peace and tranquility to treatments on offer.

Whether you prefer the city or the countryside, there are spas to suit all tastes. You are certain to take delight in the greenness of the country’s landscape, as well as the history and culture of many of the spas’ locations. Without a doubt, treatments using these waters is one of the greatest legacies left to us by the Romans. So, why not make the most of it?

There are various types of spas, leaving you free to choose whichever suits you best. Cities, mountain and even thermal baths – what is certain is that this is a great legacy left to us by the Romans.

Melgaço and Monção are two more places where you will find spas, as well as Amares in Braga. If you decide on the Amares spa, do not miss the chance to visit the Peneda-Genes National Park, which, with its magnificent scenery, is an excellent place to get in touch with nature and take part in various outdoor activities.

Guimarães - furthermore to being the birth place of Portugal - has thermal waters in Caldas das Taipas and in Caldas de Vizela, where you will be able to enjoy various spa treatments. If you were considering Barcelos (home of the fantastically Portuguese Galo de Barcelos) then the spa in Eirogo is a great choice.

Spas can be an excellent point of departure for exploring and getting to know nearby cities. Guimarães, for example, is a city bursting with religious tradition that you will certainly enjoy, whereas its history-rich city center is listed as a World Heritage Site.

Trás-os-Montes is also rich in therapeutic waters. Carvalhelhos, Chaves, Vidago, Pedras Salgadas and Carlão in Murça are places where you will find waters of the highest quality and purity. In the Douro region you will be able to relax in spas in Moledo and Caldas de Aregos.

If you are looking for a spa close to the city of Porto, you will find therapeutic waters to nurture your well-being in Caldas da Saúde, in Entre-os-Rios, São Jorge, in Santa Maria da Feira and São Vicente, Penafiel.

In addition to thermal waters, the northern region is known for its fantastic food. Do not miss the opportunity to try its numerous splendors, whether it be a stew from Minho, a meat pie or ham from the Douro region or smoked sausage from Trás-os-Montes. Northern Portugal brings together a whole host of traditions that will make your visit truly unforgettable. A mixture of culture, food and well-being…the only difficult thing is choosing where to begin...



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