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Travel around Porto and Northern Portugal by Bicycle

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Do you enjoy cycling? If so, when you visit Porto and Northern Portugal, be sure to explore the various cities you will pass through on two wheels. Not only Porto, but also the region's other cities, are becoming increasingly eco-friendly and offering special routes, the so-called cycle paths, for people who travel by bicycle.

It's a new way to explore the city you are going to visit, where you can equally take a trip through the city or, for example, in a park or at the seaside. We present you with some routes in Porto, Viana do Castelo and Braga, Vila Real and Bragança.


Porto is an excellent example of a city where you can experience diverse types of routes, from the riverside and seaside area, the City Park, to Boa Vista Avenue and the Prelada viaduct.

You can choose the landscape that you prefer for trips. With an extension of 21.7 km, this cycle path is ideal for cyclists and city runners as well as those who travel daily by bicycle.

In Gondomar, Maia, Santo Tirso, Vila do Conde, Matosinhos, Vila Nova de Gaia, Povoa de Varzim and Famalicão you will also find various eco and cycle paths.

We offer you the following suggestions for route in Porto, also recommended by Evasões magazine, from Jornal de Notícias:

Estuary: Next to the river and the sea (4.8 km)
On this route, your backdrop will always be the Atlantic Ocean and the Douro river. Start on the sea side of the Parque da Cidade and follow the water's edge to the mouth of the river.

Ribeira da Granja: from the Park to Calém (4.5 km)
Following the east entrance of Parque da Cidade, this route passes along the Boavista and Marechal Gomes da Costa avenues, to enter Serralves and Parque da Pasteleira. The Calém garden is on the far side, inside the Aves do Douro Observatory.

City Park (9.8 km)
Within the 83 hectares of this park, there are almost 10 km of cycle routes. The roads, either paved or gravel, have vertical signage that informs users that the cycle lanes are shared with pedestrians.

On the outskirts of town (1.2 km)
Between 2009 and 2011 a bike path that connects the Rua de Teodoro de Sousa Maldonado and the Estrada Interior da Circuvalação was built. It is wide enough for traffic in both directions and boasts a red tarmac floor.

From Boavista to the sea (1.7 km)
From the Castelo do Queijo roundabout, following the Avenida da Boavista, this cycle path connects the Estuary cycle path, the Parque da Cidade and the Ribeira river mouth to Granja.

University Route (3 km)
The various faculties of the Asprela Campus and the Hospital São João are connected via a cycle path.

To rent bikes during your trip, find companies that engage in this type of activity in Porto and even find out where you can park your bike.

Viana do Castelo and Braga

Also in the towns of Viana do Castelo and Braga, in the Minho region, you will find several cycle paths. Cities such as Caminha, Monção, Ponte da Barca and Vila Nova de Cerveira offer routes that you can explore. In Ponte de Lima discover Rio Lima eco-route, made up of various routes, with scenery that includes rivers, river beaches, villages and parks for picnics.

Have you thought about cycling along a railway line? Between Guimarães and Fafe you can do it! The 15 kilometres are ideal to travel as a family, among lakes, streams, reed beds, haystacks and forest. The surface is mostly tarmac, but it is broken up by wooden bridges and walkways that add their charm to this cycle path. On the Linha do Tâmega you can also find an eco-route. The Esposende and Vizela cycle paths are also routes that can't be missed.

Vila Real

In the Vila Real district there are various cycle paths and eco-routes. In Chaves, there are nearly 9 km of cycle lanes in operation and several projects in progress. The Linha do Corgo eco-route is a scenic route that takes in leisure areas, with trees, benches and lamps, recreation areas and green spaces.


In Bragança, several urban cycle lanes are being built for both everyday and leisure use. The Linha do Sabor eco-route affords you unique contact with nature and is an ideal spot to enjoy with your family. Also in Maçedo de Cavaleiros, a cycle path has been built that goes from the Ribeira River Beach to the Azibo Reservoir.

Get to know all these cycle paths. What are you waiting for? Take your bike or rent one at your chosen destination, and start your adventure. You will discover these cities in a unique way and also keep yourself in shape. Discover the accommodation in Porto and North of Portugal where you can recharge batteries during your trip. Contact us if you have any doubts or need some help with planning your trip.


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