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Wonders in Porto and Northern Portugal

Marisa Pinheiro CC BY-NC-SA

It is nothing new that Porto and Northern Portugal are filled with sites that are true Wonders. However, what is new is that now with the project Wonders of Portugal, from the Google Cultural Institute, you can get to know these sites without leaving home. This project uses Google Street View technology to allow you to enjoy all of our country's cultural heritage in 360º.

All images are displayed in high definition so that all the details can be seen. The difference between the monuments available at the Google Cultural Institute and Street View is that in the former the works of art exhibited can be seen in detail and with background information.

For those outside of Portugal, you can now learn more about Portuguese culture and heritage, which will make you want to come visit our country more, especially northern Portugal. With this project, you can get to know some of the most beautiful places in our region inside and out, making these sites mandatory on your next visit:

Braga Cathedral 
Guimarães Castle 
Palace of the Dukes of Bragança 
Marvão Castle 
International Douro Natural Park 
Castle Botanical Park
Gaia Biological Park 
Lavandeira Park 
Serralves Gardens 
Dragão Stadium 
FC Porto Sports City 
Douro Estuary Local Natural Reserve

After exploring these wonders on the screen, come explore them live! "Porto World Heritage" can also be viewed in the rectory of the University of Porto through 59 photographic works. The exhibition, which is a partnership between the University of Porto, Google and the Google Cultural Institute, is the first designed by a Portuguese university for that platform.

The works were made throughout this school year, by 20 students of the Master's in History of Portuguese Art of the College of Letters of the University of Porto, there also being images of the Municipal Historical Archive, which seek to show a city which has "a past with a future, of accumulations, bourgeois, cosmopolitan and which glances at itself. " See what to expect from this exhibition and come visit it!

Please contact us for any questions you may have, so that we can help you planning your travel, allowing you to get to know all these must-see sites.


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