Circuito turístico & Alojamento

Brazilian AZUL inflight magazine @Porto&Northern Portugal



Azul, one of the 3 largest airlines of Brazil with a fleet of over 120 aircrafts and travelling to over 100 destinations, will be this week visiting Porto & Northern Portugal for an extensive report for Azul Magazine, their inflight publication.

During the next week, and until the 5th september, chief editor Denerval Ferraro Junior and photographer Guilherme Gomes da Silva will be seriously strolling around the region, covering some of the finest touristic milestones Porto & Northern Portugal has to offer. As the gateway to the region, the kick-off will be done in Porto, with a downtown tour, from the city center to the river and seaside, a cruise throughout its Douro bridges and, of course, a Porto Wine tasting. Vila do Conde, a city of living history bathed by the sea will be also hosting this group.


Then it’s time for Douro – Peso da Régua, Pinhão and three traditional farms, before settling in one of the best hotels the region has to offer. Minho, a increasingly appealing touristic gem will also take an important part of this program, with visits on Guimarães, Viana do Castelo, Braga, Vila Nova de Cerveira and Monção, with Vinho Verde on the horizon.


On the next days, we will be updating this tour with news and photos. Stay tuned!