Circuito turístico




Rathasiam Sinlakhun, Editor in Chief of Lonely Planet Thailand, will be in Porto along with other two journalists to know more about the European Best Destination 2017.

During this visit, Mr. Sinlakhub will be able to stroll around the old and narrow streets of Porto, visiting tourist landmarks such as the Lello Library, Sta Catarina Street or the São Bento station, as well as making a City tour by tram. But the most important events will occur at the table.
This press trip will focus mainly in Gastronomy & Wines. As per this, Lonely Planet Thailand will try some of the most appreciated delicacies of the region, in restaurants such as Cafeína, MISTU or ODE Porto Wine House or even making a workshop of Portuguese flavours. And speaking of wine, the group will also have a Special taste of Porto, at the Kopke Wine House and at Porto Cruz Space, in the riverside of Gaia.
Soon we will bring you the full article on the thai version of Lonely Planet.